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In business since 1981, our firm has established protocol to obtain the highest percentage of success at the lowest cost. We have an experienced team of multi-ethnic and bilingual Investigators throughout CA, AZ and WA. Our Management Team has over 80 years of combined experience in investigations and management (see "Management Directory" under "Contact Us"). We have an impressive list of clients and a long list of "testimonials" from satisfied clients. For further details, please go to our "Testimonials" link below.

Service Areas

Specialized Investigations is a full service investigative firm with three offices in California, one office in Arizona, and one office in Washington. Specialized Investigations has recently added Investigators in the following cities/areas of California, Arizona and Washington: Laverne, CA; Paso Robles, CA; Vacaville, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; Santa Rosa, CA; Visalia, CA; Modesto, CA (Spanish speaking); Santa Clara, CA (Spanish speaking); Phoenix, AZ; Tucson, AZ; Spokane, WA; and Seattle, WA. We continue to meet the needs of our clients by adding experienced investigators in strategic areas of CA, AZ and WA.

Complimentary Training

Specialized Investigations offers an annual complimentary training presentation to our clients. This training can be conducted on-site or at another venue, if desired. additional training presentations are available at a fee for clients and non-clients. For further details please call or email us for a list of the training modules and training presentation request form.

Surveillance News

Our firm tracks surveillance results on a monthly productivity spreadsheet and rewards Investigators for their results. In the past three years, our Investigators obtained video of the subject on 87 % of all cases worked. We can also provide video footage in an email link so you can see the results within 48 hours, or sooner, if needed. For further information about our surveillance services please go to the “Surveillance” link below or under “Services.”
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Specialized Investigations Partners with SIU Attorney to Lead Company’s SIU Contract Service Provider and Regulatory Compliance Specialty Program




Leading Firm of Insurance Fraud Mitigation Services forms Strategic Alliance with Los Angeles SIU Attorney Bryan Beckmann in the Fight Against Insurance Fraud and Theft.


 July 24, 2012 – Los Angeles, CASpecialized Investigations, a West Coast leader of insurance fraud mitigation services, has forged a strategic alliance with Los Angeles SIU attorney Bryan Beckmann, a recognized expert in the fight against insurance fraud, to head the company’s SIU Contract Service Provider and Regulatory Compliance Program as Director of SIU Compliance Services.  Mr. Beckmann’s legal investigation practice is focused exclusively on representing the insurance industry as a SIU Contract Service Provider. Mr. Beckmann is an innovative, industry leader with more than 30 years’ experience as attorney of record on suspected fraudulent claims. Mr. Beckmann is an advisor and consultant to the insurance industry on the formation and implementation of SIUs and regulatory compliance requirements and offers Specialized Investigations the expertise needed in operating and managing a robust success driven SIU Contract Services Specialty Program. 


 “Specialized Investigations is very fortunate to have such a unique partnership as we have with Bryan Beckmann. Having established and directed corporate anti-fraud departments, Bryan is well versed in building nationwide SIU programs, which encompass regulatory requirements on a state-by-state basis. He has demonstrated experience in providing cost effective services with efficient SIU oversight and management by identifying suspect activities in fighting fraud effectively.  By combining years of expertise as a litigator, compliance officer and conducting SIU investigations, Bryan offers a unique dimension of support for our clients’ corporate SIU program requirements,” says Richard Harer, Vice President of Specialized Investigations.


“Managing fraud investigations is tedious, time-consuming and a financially expensive process, but one that is vital in detecting and investigating suspected fraudulent activities and necessary in protecting policy holders, shareholder interests and corporate profits by defending against false claims. In today’s economy, the insurance industry is looking for outside partners to conduct SIU contract services efficiently and effectively at a reasonable cost while maintaining compliance with statutory claims practices and regulations. I am looking forward to working with Specialized Investigations as an integral component in the development and maintenance of this exciting program for the insurance industry,” says Bryan Beckmann, Director of SIU and Compliance Services.


About Specialized Investigations

Specialized Investigations, headquartered in Northridge, California, was established in 1981 as a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of a well-established independent adjusting firm, Schifrin, Gagnon & Dickey (SGD) that has provided services to many insurance carriers since 1975 including large and small insurance companies, defense law firms, third party administrators (TPAs), and self-insurers. Specialized Investigations offers over three decades of expertise in the investigation of insurance fraud, claims investigations, health care fraud, and other investigative services, and operates regionally in three western states, California, Arizona and Washington. The Vice President of Specialized Investigations, Richard Harer, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS), is a recognized expert in SIU Investigations and Insurance Fraud.


About Bryan Beckmann

Mr. Beckmann is a principal in The Beckmann Group, a specialty investigative law firm providing litigation support on matters involving the investigation and defense of suspected insurance fraud, coverage and regulatory compliance. He has been retained by the Defense Bar as a subject matter expert in the investigation of suspected fraudulent claims and bad faith avoidance before coverage denial. Mr. Beckmann created and managed the EUO Practice and Insurance Fraud Defense Group for the A.V. Rated Law Firm of Freeburg, Judy & Nettels. He is a licensed private investigator in California, Arizona and Hawaii specializing in insurance fraud investigations involving high exposure property claims in personal and commercial lines. Mr. Beckmann held positions as SIU Director and National and Anti-Fraud Program Manager for a number of national insurance companies and represented insurers in Department of Insurance Compliance Audits and matters arising out of consumer complaints.


News & Press Release - Posted July 31, 2012