Why we are your #1 Choice

In business since 1981, our firm has established protocol to obtain the highest percentage of success at the lowest cost. We have an experienced team of multi-ethnic and bilingual Investigators throughout CA, AZ, WA and TX. Our Management Team has over 80 years of combined experience in investigations and management (see "Management Directory" under "Contact Us"). We have an impressive list of clients and a long list of "testimonials" from satisfied clients. For further details, please go to our "Testimonials" link below.

Service Areas

Specialized Investigations is a full service investigative firm with three offices in California, one office in Arizona, one office in Texas and one office in Washington. Specialized Investigations has recently added Investigators in the following cities/areas of California, Arizona, Washington and Texas: Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; San Antonio, TX; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Ventura, CA; Portland OR; Vancouver, WA; Phoenix, AZ; Tucson, AZ; Spokane, WA; and Seattle, WA. We continue to meet the needs of our clients by adding experienced investigators in strategic areas of CA, AZ, TX, WA, OR and ID.

Complimentary Training

Specialized Investigations offers an annual complimentary training presentation to our clients. This training can be conducted on-site or at another venue, if desired. additional training presentations are available at a fee for clients and non-clients. For further details please call or email us for a list of the training modules and training presentation request form.

Surveillance News

Our firm tracks surveillance results on a monthly productivity spreadsheet and rewards Investigators for their results. In the past three years, our Investigators obtained video of the subject on 87 % of all cases worked. We can also provide video footage in an email link so you can see the results within 48 hours, or sooner, if needed. For further information about our surveillance services please go to the “Surveillance” link below or under “Services.”
Home Services Skip Tracing & Locates

SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIONS offers one of the most cost effective and successful skip tracing and locate services in the industry. We have located thousands of individuals and businesses since 1981. We specialize in difficult locates/skips and process service cases.

The following is a list of some reasons why we are experts in this area:

  • We have one of the most comprehensive list of sources available to any private investigation firm.

  • Our skip tracing department has Investigators who specialize in this field. One of our Managers was a former Child Support Enforcement investigator, who tracked down many absent fathers.

  • Our success rate is very high, and we regularly receive assignments after others have failed.

  • Our skip tracing techniques are very cost effective and methodical to ensure that you get your money's worth.

  • We have  toll-free "trap" numbers and other sources to locate difficult skips.

  • Specialized Investigations uses Investigators for Process Serving for best results. We offer low hourly rates, depending on the case.

    CAUTION: Don't be fooled by other low or flat-rate deals. Contact an expert, who can advise you on the best and most cost effective approach, tailored to your individual needs.