Leading Firm of Insurance Fraud Mitigation Services forms Strategic Alliance with Los Angeles SIU Attorney Bryan Beckmann in the Fight Against Insurance Fraud and Theft.  


October 1, 2012 – Los Angeles, CASpecialized Investigations, the West Coast leader of proactive insurance fraud mitigation services, has forged a strategic alliance with Los Angeles SIU attorney Bryan Beckmann, a recognized expert in the fight against insurance fraud, to head the company’s Examination Under Oath (EUO) program. Mr. Beckmann’s legal investigation practice is focused on exclusively representing the insurance industry as a SIU Contract Service Provider. Mr. Beckmann is an innovative, industry leader with more than 30 years’ experience as a fraud investigator, SIU defense attorney, regulatory compliance consultant, and offers Specialized Investigations the expertise needed to manage the company’s success driven national EUO program, vital in detecting and investigating suspected fraudulent first party claims.

“Specialized Investigations is very fortunate to have such a unique partnership as we have with Bryan Beckmann. He has solid credentials and brings unique and valuable experience to the management team and will be a tremendous resource. Bryan’s vision for the future of the program and his proven ability to deliver should make this an exciting time for the company and its customers. Being in this business for over 32 years, I am excited to bring such a unique service opportunity to the insurance industry of providing more cost effective EUO services by combining investigative services with the legal expertise that Bryan brings to the table,” says Richard Harer, Vice President of Specialized Investigations.

“Experience matters in conducting EUOs. Courts have acknowledged the importance of the EUO process in the evaluation of suspect claims and coverage determination. I am very pleased to be joining Specialized Investigations which has the vision and commitment to break new ground by offering its clients a streamlined dedicated EUO program as part of its SIU investigation services as an alternative to outsourcing to SIU vendors or defense attorneys. Timely and fair investigations of questionable claims are required core competencies for a successful EUO program. This program is the first to be offered by a contract SIU service provider where the Program Manager is a unique combination of both an experienced SIU defense attorney and SIU investigator. Specialized Investigations has some of the capabilities of a law firm without practicing law,” says Bryan Beckmann, EUO Program Manager.

About Specialized Investigations  

Specialized Investigations, headquartered in Northridge, California, was established in 1981 as a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of a well-established independent adjusting firm, Schifrin, Gagnon & Dickey (SGD) that has provided services to many insurance carriers since 1975 including large and small insurance companies, defense law firms, third party administrators (TPAs), and self-insurers. Specialized Investigations offers over three decades in the investigation of insurance fraud, claims investigations, health care fraud, and other investigative services, and operates regionally in three western states, California, Arizona and Washington. The Vice President of Specialized Investigations, Richard Harer, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS), is a recognized expert in SIU Investigations and Insurance Fraud.


About Bryan Beckmann

Mr. Beckmann is an investigative attorney and litigator on matters involving insurance fraud and coverage. Mr. Beckmann created and managed the EUO Practice and Insurance Fraud Defense Group for the A.V. Rated law firm of Freeburg, Judy & Nettels. He is also a licensed private investigator in California, Arizona and Hawaii. Mr. Beckmann has successfully investigated high exposure property claims in personal and commercial lines and conducted hundreds of EUOs with special emphasis on those claims where a searching EUO was an integral part of the claims investigation and coverage determination. Mr. Beckmann has utilized proactive investigative techniques and EUOs in specific geographic locations involving ethnic criminal networks resulting in a significant reduction in new claims and held positions as SIU Director and National and Anti-Fraud Program Manager for several national insurance companies. Mr. Beckmann has taught basic and advanced courses on the topic of EUOs to SIU investigators, law enforcement and prosecutors at the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Specialized Investigations Academy and was recently acknowledged by NICB for his contributions to NICB’s “Examination Under Oath and Statement Guide” offered to member companies as a resource to help fight fraud and theft. He is a member of the International Association of Special Investigation Units as a Legal Advocate, the Northern and Southern California Fraud Investigators Associations and the California Association of Licensed Investigators.

News & Press Release - Posted October 1, 2012